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Using the search boxes below, enter in the exact or partial part number you are searching for (use dashes where appropriate, for example: C9ZZ-13450-A), and then press the "Search" button (NOT the enter key!).  If you are looking for all part numbers that meet a certain criteria (for example all part numbers starting with 978), please use the "Starts With" or " Contains" options to further refine your search

If the part number is in our database, the program will tell you which vendor has it and how to reach them by phone or email.  If you find what you need, please tell the seller that you found them on the Gyrhead & Sons locator!

You can also right click here, and then select "Save Target As" to save the entire current part number listing to your computer.  Please note that this file is very large, and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed

Your Obsolete or Idle Inventory Can Be Listed Here Too!

If you own a collection of parts (ANYTHING with an OEM part number can be included here - car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, tractor, boat, etc, etc) that you would like to sell, consider adding them to our database by visiting the "List Parts with Us" button above.  It's easy and quick, and can help match your parts with serious buyers worldwide.


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