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1965-72 Ford Adjustable Vacuum Advance - $39.99

In an era of low octane and seasonally formulated gasoline - the proper ignition advance curve is vital for maximum performance, economy and driveability.  In the past, Ford owners had few acceptable choices with regard to adjusting their vacuum advance curve.  You could fumble around with the stock washers, fibre stops and springs (a hit-or-miss exercise in frustration) or you could spend $40-50 on a GM style adjustable aftermarket vacuum advance that looked totally incorrect and cost you judging points.

Gyrhead & Sons Advance Is Fully Adjustable and Looks Stock..............The Aftermarket Unit Is Ugly and Incorrect!

Finally, there’s an alternative.  Gyrhead & Sons Restoration Parts is proud to offer our USA made, 100% concours correct and fully adjustable vacuum advance* for all 65-72 Fords with single advance distributors.  From the outside, this unit appears 100% stock and is fully concours correct – but it allows full external adjustability from 0-25 crankshaft degrees of vacuum advance.  No more factory calibration washers and no more incorrect aftermarket advance.  Clearly - a "win-win" solution!


Fully Externally Adjustable In Seconds From 0-25 Crank Degrees!

You've already seen this innovative product in many leading Ford parts catalogs - but now you can buy direct from Gyrhead & Sons!

Genuine Ford Vacuum Advance Canister On Right - Is Not Included, Available At Extra Cost

Genuine GM 1981 Pontiac Firebird Speedometer - $89.00

GM part number 25044621 - this speedometer is brand new, in the GM box and fits 1981 Firebird.  Obsolete from GM, last list price was over $130!  Limited quantities

Genuine GM 1980-81 Monza Starfire Speedometer - $39.00

GM part number 250321377 - this speedometer is brand new and still in the factory box.  Fits 1980-81 Chevrolet Monza and other GM H bodies.  Obsolete from GM


Genuine Ford - 2.3 Liter Small Journal Crankshaft - $69.99

Limited quantities - so please hurry!  A brand new, Genuine Ford 2.3 crankshaft in the original packaging, perfect for the mini stock and grass roots motorsports enthusiast on a shoestring budget.  Ford part number E9TZ-6303-B.  This is the E9 small main journal crank (measuring 2.2055 inches), used in selected Ford vehicles beginning in 1988 and running through 1994.   It has the same 2.0468 inch rod journal sizes as earlier 2.3 and the 2.5 cranks.  At this clearance price, messing around with junkyard/used parts simply doesn't make sense!