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Operate Like The Big Guys - for Free

You may have an idle inventory of new or NOS original equipment parts.   Before now, your options for disposing of excess or obsolete inventory were limited.  Either scrap it, sell it one piece at a time on auction sites or spend thousands to list it on the dealer parts locators.     

Now there's another alternative.  Why not promote your inventory with Gyrhead & Sons?  We register thousands of unique visitors per month - and they all have 2 things in common; they're working on a project of some type, and they need your part!  

Your inventory represents untapped revenues - its time to get it back out into the global marketplace.

Don't Scrap It! Profit From Your Idle Inventory By Promoting With Gyrhead & Sons Today!

What Is It?

We offer an online, automated OEM parts locator service.  Here's how it works: 1) You send us a simple list of your OEM part numbers on hand 2) We add your inventory data to our database of over 450,000 unique OEM part numbers.  3) Customers visit our site, and enter a needed OEM part number into the search feature.  4) The database tells the customer that you have the part in stock and how to reach you by phone or email.  5) The customer contacts you and you work out the deal.  6) You retain physical control over your inventory.  7) You set prices and arrange payment and shipping with the customer.  

All we do is bring the two parties together, kind of an old part dating service so to speak.

Is It Just For Car Parts?

Nope.  The database is designed to accommodate ANY OEM part number, whether car, truck, import, domestic, tractor, motorcycle, outboard motor, Matchbox car, Hotwheels.  basically anything where there are enthusiasts needing parts and vendors who have parts.

OK, It Sounds Interesting, But What Does it Cost?

It's a free service, as in no money or chattel is required.  It's free regardless of how many items you've got, how many manufacturers are included.  Oh, Did we mention that it's free?

Yeah, But I Only Have A Few Parts, Not A Warehouse Full...

We don't mind whether you've got 10 parts or 100,000.  This is a Democracy, and we believe that everyone should be included, not just the big players.

How Do I Become Part of This?

We've made it easy.  Simply right click the "Inventory File" button on the left, and then select "Save Target As" to save the inventory spreadsheet to your computer.   Then add in your inventory (part number, description, manufacturer and quantity on hand) and email it to us at  Questions or problems?  Please drop us a line at (978) 332-7872 or email and we'll help you out.  Already have an electronic listing of your inventory?  No problem - send it to us in the current format - and we can make it work.

Within hours of sending us your inventory information, your part numbers will be available and searchable to buyers worldwide on the Gyrhead & Sons OEM locator.   As your inventory changes, feel free to send us updated inventory files to ensure that customers always know what you've got.  Our inventory listing is search engine friendly too, so when a customer enters an OEM part number into their browser, they'll get a link to us!

And Now, A Question For You...

What in the world are you waiting for?  We've made it free and we made it easy.  For goodness sakes what more can we do?  Take a few minutes and get 'er done!

Helpful Selling Tips:

Over the years we've learned a few things about doing business on the web.  Most of it is just plain common sense, but here's a few helpful tips to help you get started.

  1. Be Responsive - When contacted by a potential buyer, respond as quickly as possible.  If you're a part time seller, let people know - so they don't expect immediate response.   Customers value prompt followup, and may buy elsewhere if sellers don't respond in a timely manner
  2. Describe Items Accurately - Provide a completely candid description of your item when buyers call, including disclosure of any flaws or damage.  This will prevent unpleasant surprises when the customer receives their item.
  3. Price It Right - Price items realistically, as customers do have alternatives and they'll look elsewhere if your price is unreasonably high.  
  4. Make it Simple - Accept Paypal, credit cards or other methods of electronic payments.  Not only is it easier for everyone, but safer too.  Also, did you know that customers are over 10 times more likely to buy when they can pay electronically?
  5. Ship Safely and Quickly - In the Internet age, customers have grown to expect fast delivery and communication of order status.  So, pack orders properly, ship orders quickly, and provide tracking information and insurance when requested by customers.
  6. Keep Inventory Up to Date - As your inventory changes, send us an updated listing.  Buyers will appreciate knowing that your inventory data is current
  7. Learn From the Pros and Own The Relationship! - Develop lifelong customers.  Be friendly, enthusiastic and helpful.  Let customers know about other related parts that may be of interest, and keep a log of what your customers are working on.  That way, you can keep them informed of new items that arrive.  This way, you build a customer relationship, not a single transaction.

The Fine Print:

Gyrhead & Sons provides only a venue for buyers and sellers.  We are not an agent or party to any sale, and assume no liability whatsoever for the individual performance of any seller or buyer using this service. Except where noted, Gyrhead & Sons is not the owner of items listed on this site, and we assume no liability whatsover for the accuracy of data provided by sellers.  We provide no guarantee of item availability, part application or fitness for a particular use.  It shall in no way be construed that sellers using this venue are endorsed, recommended or guaranteed by Gyrhead & Sons in any way.  We make no representation or warrantee that sellers who elect to use this service will be successful in the sale of their merchandise.