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Divorce is So Hard

It's been said that divorce is hardest on the children.  Evidently it can be really hard on the poor cars too.  We recently stumbled upon this horrific sight in a salvage yard in Southern New Hampshire. According to the salvage yard operator this later model Porsche 911 was at the center of a nasty divorce custody battle.  The 911 owner decided it was preferable to destroy the car than see it go to his ex.  Based on the photos, large caliber weapons, ample free time and considerable rage were clearly involved.  Perhaps a bit of Wild Turkey too.  This is really sad.

The pictures look horrendous, but don't begin to adequately describe the devastation wrought on this Porsche. The poor car looked like a huge cheese grater!

There was not one salvageable part on the entire car.  Bullets had torn through the body, engine, interior and chassis.  Even the wiper motor and ABS servo were punched full of holes!

I'm no forensics expert - but automatic weapons must have been involved!  If any local readers can share additional light on this story, please let us know - we are eager to learn more...

There once was a time when disagreements were settled the adult and responsible way - with a flaming bag of dog poo on the front step.  This Zuffenhausen super car deserved a better fate.  Don't you agree?

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