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Welcome to Gyrhead & Sons Restoration Parts and enjoy your visit!   For years, we've been one of the world's largest suppliers of NOS and OEM production surplus parts to both hobbyists and retailers, with thousands of OEM parts in stock.


Looking for a hard-to-find OEM part number for your car or truck? Click "Find a Part #" above and enter the part number you need.  We'll tell you who's got it and how to reach them.  The search is absolutely free, no account sign-up is needed, and we're adding new part numbers daily.   Please welcome Mike Denney of Indiana to the Gyrhead & Sons OEM parts locator. Mike has included his later model GM inventory and we are grateful to add yet another vendor to our site!


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Links to Friends & Other Great Sites:

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with some truly great people and companies.  

National Parts Depot - NPD is one of the best, most reliable sources for high quality restoration and performance parts for your classic Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, Chevelle, GTO or classic truck.  We are pleased to add NPD to our growing roster of wholesale customers and you'll see our products in their catalogs very soon!

Motorcycle Classics - My wife recently subscribed me to this magazine, and it has quickly become the most eagerly awaited arrival in our mailbox.  If you are a fan of vintage street and dirt cycles from all continents, decades and brands - this is one magazine you must read!  Beautiful production, excellent writing, great photography and broad coverage make Motorcycle Classics magazine a thumbs up!

Gearz - There are a lot of car shows vying for your attention, and most of them are total crap.  Stacey David is the host and producer of Gearz, and like us - he's a real car, truck, tractor, cycle and guitar guy through and through.  His show is in a league of its own.

Top Gear - Monte Python meets Road and Track.  Quite simply the funniest show on 4 wheels from our friends in the UK.  See it on BBC Television, you'll be glad that you did.  Editor's Disclaimer - The endorsement applies to the UK show only.  We at Gyrhead & Sons like the genuine article, not lame knockoffs.  That's why we only sell genuine NOS parts, why we don't like cover bands and why we don't like the US remake of Top Gear.

Dirt Bike Diva - Our good friend Jill is a seriously gifted editor and writer.  Her articles are frequently seen in Urban Moto Magazine on such varied topics as Steve McQueen and motorcycling legends Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawwill.   Jill had the incredible experience to meet the late Hunter S. Thompson at his home in Colorado, shortly before Thompson's suicide.  Jill writes about those memorable adventures here.  Jill recently returned from a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats, and you can read about her adventures at Urban Moto magazine online  In her new blog,  Jill chronicles her Rocky Mountain riding, crashing and interior decorating adventures with a Honda XR100.  Its a good read

Autobody Specialists - Michael Doerfler runs one of the finest restoration, high performance and autobody shops in the US.  His cars have been consistent show winners and magazine features, with astonishing craftsmanship and attention to detail.   Mike's shop is operating room clean, and we've found him to be a great asset during our Honda restorations!  Their website is is great too, with lots of cool cars and pictures.  

Ames Performance Engineering - Pontiac may be gone, but these great folks are the biggest supplier of vintage Poncho parts in the world and they keep the flame alive.  We are proud to include Kevin Beal and the entire Ames team among our largest and best customers.  Hopefully, Ames will one day supply parts for our 2009 G8 GT too!

West Coast Classic Cougar - Don Rush was invaluable to us during the restoration of our 1969 428CJ Cougar, and he's just about the nicest guy in the business with a rare combination of the rarest parts, biggest inventory and best customer attitude.

Mansfield Mustang - Bill Upham is the man if you're rolling a 390, 428CJ or 428SCJ Ford.  He's forgotten more about these big blocks than most of us will ever know!

Fusick Automotive - Mike and the Fusick crew are your one stop shop for all things Oldsmobile, whether your Olds bag is a cushy B-body or a storming W-30 442.  They've got the NOS and repro parts that you need!

Bill Rolik Enterprises - Bill is a MoPar Guru, with a great website of exclusive reproduction items, NOS parts and much more for classic A, B and E body.  Over the years, Bill has been instrumental in locating and brokering the sale of many rare MoPar musclecars too.   A must visit site for fans of the Pentestar!

AMK Products - Looking for concourse correct fasteners of every possible description for your FoMoCo, GM or MoPar project?  AMK is the place, with terrific selection, great service and reasonable prices

Souhegan Valley Motorsports - The Mullin family runs this Kawasaki dealership in Milford New Hampshire, and they are hands down the best cycle dealership we've encountered.  Passionate about motorcycles and powersports, great service and a fine showroom (with free coffee too)

Naults Honda - Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, these guys set the bar for excellent cycle selection, great service and a strong parts department.

Contemporary Chrysler Dodge Jeep - Located in Milford New Hampshire, these folks have a fine selection of new and used Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles and a very friendly sales staff.

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